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“We all know how difficult it is to find accommodations in big cities. I chose to go to Barcelona for eye surgery. The Tourist Guideline provided me and my sister with an accommodation that’s suitable for our budget and that’s close to my hospital. Price-wise it was really good.” –L. Amin

“I chose transportation, accommodation and translation services. The group were really nice and they gave me extra tips for free time activities.” – S. Al-Gafari

“Although I wanted to come to Germany for rehabilitation, I was so hesitant because of the language barrier. I then used the translation service from the Tourist Guideline. They provided me with a professional translator who accompanied me during the treatment journey. Total satisfaction is guaranteed.” –A. Xavier

“I got my treatment in Heidelberg and I used the full package service from the Tourist Guideline. They were punctual, well-organized, and they facilitated my medical journey. After my treatment, I stayed for few weeks for recovery, they organized a touristic program for me and my wife as well. I would recommend further to future costumers.” –A. Alabdulah