About the Tourist Guideline

Why choose us?

With our over 5-year experience in this field, we have connections with over 100 hospitals all over Europe.

you, as a client, choose what you want. We can assist and support you from A to Z. We can start from receiving medical opinion, treatment plan, est. cost, travel visa, find hotels/apartment till you finish treatment and get back home.
We choose the best doctors for you based on reputation and specialisation rather than hospitals.

We believe that recovery and post-recovery programs are an essential part of any treatment plan. So, if you choose to stay in Europe for your recovery, we can assist you with tourism, sightseeing and entertainment programs.

Our team speaks four languages: German, English, Arabic, Spanish. But, if your language is different, then we will provide you with a professional translator who speaks your language.

With us you are in safe hands.

We assist clients with visa applications or extending their visa and further services like hotel reservation, sightseeing and entertainment program


Service we can provide for clients


Medical tourism services at a reasonable cost

Find and communicate with specialized centers or hospitals to treat each case individually.

Language and translation services in four languages

Receive medical reports and copies

Provide a comprehensive explanation to the patient about the treatment method

Get a detailed report from the hospital for the possibility of treatment and the approximate value of treatment

Obtain an official document from the hospital to complete the visa process

Assistance in visa procedures

pick up service at the airport

assisting with accommodation and transportation

providing assistance for appointments

Providing rehabilitation services in private clinics

Tourism & Sightseeing programs to entertain the traveler & patient

Our Mission

We ARE here to HELP 

in health and medical areas and to deliver the most convenient travel experience, with minimum effort and cost, and maximum efficiency and simplicity, tailored to their needs.



Our Goal is 

guide our clients during thier treatment journy from finding the best specialist and treatment until finishing the treatment process. Moreover, we aim to provide the client with a service that is festured by confidence and responsibility with the best prices.

Our history

Our European team which is based in Germany and Spain has solid multilingual and intercultural competency with background in the Middle East & North Africa. These advantages enable us to understand both cultures and intermediate. We know the requirements and differences of these cultures.


For medical tourists, the impactful difference is that our company has solid know-how of the medical market and the needs of clients and partners. With this expertise we can simplify treatment journey for patient and assist target groups in their goals so all reach their goals with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Our 6-Guidelines



Our relationship with our clients is based on trust. We value the faith of our clients in us. Therefore, we follow the policy of total transparency. We also do not jeopardise the trust by providing inaccurate/incomplete information.




The team in Tourist Guideline is obligated to guarantee our clients the best quality of services. Therefore, we only take contact with the best, doctors, hospitals and beauty center. Your total satisfaction is our goal.


Maximum Effort

We appreciate the difficulties that face our medical tourists and health seeking clients during their visit to EU. Therefore, we commit to make it as calculated, pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Minimum Cost

We guarantee our medical clients the minimum cost on our services. We compare, as well, the prices of the medical treatments, tourist tours, etc. to guarantee that you do not pay extra charges. we cover your visit with extra insurance to avoid any unexpected costs.



Our tourism offers, medical appointments and health services are reliable. We do not set any dates until they are confirmed by medical centers and clinics. We do not provide you treatment plans until they are verified by authorised doctors and hospitals.


Careful Details

Care for details is what makes us special and reliable. We want your journey in Europe to be as smooth, punctual, and stress-free as possible. receiving a detailed medical treatment plan, intertainment programm and cost make your visit relaxed.  

How it works

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Satisfied Partner

If you need medical/cosmetical consultancy

contact us with Email or via Social Media and upload your medical report. We recommend the best hospitals and specialists and provide the est. costs and travel requirements.