Privacy Policy

Confidentiality is a crucial concept in our enterprise. Therefore, we only collect the necessary personal data. This data include the first and last name of the client, contact details such as e-mail address and phone number. 


Confidentiality of documents

Documents to be shared need to be only for the nature of the language services. We handle entrusted documents with the utmost care. Our employees are not allowed to share these documents with anyone without a written permission from the client. Our employees are obligated to save documents only on their secured work computers and are allowed to keep the documents for 14 days only after finishing the assigned tasks. Our enterprise commits itself to not share or publish any documents of the clients under any circumstances or via any means.



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Terms of use

When you place an order by our enterprise, you agree with all terms and conditions of use (please visit our terms of use page before you place your order).

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