Individual & Professional Medical Care

Individual & Professional Medical Care

The Tourist Guideline believes that every patient has the right to get the best medical treatment. We understand however that each patient has her/his own needs, wishes, treatment plan, progress, and circumstances. Therefore, we, at the Tourist Guideline, provide you with health services that are tailored to your individual needs. You can choose the services that you prefer individually. You can, as well, contact us to agree upon the services that you would like, based on your own terms, and we can reach an agreement that best fits you and your wishes.

The Tourist Guideline is here to facilitate your health journey, and we accompany you throughout it. We arrange and plan all details of your medical journey, from the day you contact us, until you finish your medical treatment and get back safely to your family. With our highly qualified and experienced team, we make sure to provide you with a reliable service, and get you the best medical treatment in Europe, with the lowest prices, and in the best hospitals.

Why treatment in Europe?

  • The best medical systems and hospitals in the world: they are characterized by reliability, quality, professionalism, and transparency
  • Advanced and novice techniques in treatment: research is an active field in medicine, and therefore you will find the latest techniques applied in Europe, like robotic surgery and so on.
  • Specialised doctors: each doctor has a specific area. For example, not all orthopedists perform surgeries on all bones. Some are specialised in knee surgeries, and others are specialised in neck, etc.
  • Fixed costs: all costs of treatment should usually be paid in advance, and there should no further surprising costs
  • Recovery and rehabilitation centres: after you finish your treatment, you can continue with your recovery at qualified and specialised clinics that help you get your life back to normal.
  • Attractive tourism and recreation options: everybody needs time-out, and Europe, with its nature and atmosphere offers people from different ages the best opportunity for tourism and refueling.

Specialisations in Europe:

  • Diabetes
  • Oncology (cancer treatment)
  • Alzheimer
  •  Parkinson’s
  •  Ophthalmology (eye disorders)
  • Fertilization
  • ENT (ear, nose, throat)
  • Orthopaedic (bone treatment)
  • Urology
  • Aesthetic/cosmetic surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Rehabilitation & Addiction treatment
  • Obesity treatment
  • Recovery

How can we set you an individual treatment plan?

Our services help you in getting medical opinion, visa, accommodation, transportation, and translation. We gladly arrange sightseeing tours for you and your companions, during or after your treatment plan. We also believe in the importance of recovery period after treatment. For its charming nature, with its countryside, mountains and bodies of water, Europe is the first destination for recovery. Therefore, we happily arrange your recovery period too. If your target is aesthetic surgery, then Europe is your ideal destination. With its best centres that work according to the highest standards and techniques in the world, your beauty is in safe hands. We ensure our clients that we deal with the best specialised doctors.