Visa & Visit requirements

Visa & Visit requirements

Schengen Medical Visa

We are here to Help. We provide the est. costs, travel requirements, best hospitals and specialists. Before coming to most of the European countries, you might need to issue a visa or permit to enter the destination. To enter the west European countries, you will need the Schengen Visa for medical reasons / medical purpose, that allows medical tourists to move freely among these countries, based on certain conditions. Getting a visa is a crucial condition to start your treatment journey, whether medical or tourist, but we understand that it can be hectic with the paper work and organisation of short /long term visa for planned medical treatment. Therefore, the Tourist Guideline helps you in getting or extending your visa for planned medical treatment/medical tourism visa for you and for your companions. After you get your medical plan, we can help you issue a visa or coordinate with you to get the necessary documents. We can assist in getting an invitation letter for private medical treatment. We can help you as well to extend the medical treatment visa that you already have.

Generally, Visa for private medical treatment lasts for three months, but it can be extended, when necessary, based on your treatment plan. Issuing a medical treatment visa requires coordination with clinics and hospitals. Currently, about 62 countries do not need a visa to enter the Schengen area, if they are planning to stay for less than three months.

What are the requirements of Schengen visa for Medical Reasons/visa for planned medical treatment?


1. one application form fully completed and signed.

2. one photo not older than 6 months with biometric characteristics

3. passport and one copy, valid for longer than three months than the last day of stay in the Schengen Member States, not older than 10 years and with two empty pages

4. a valid international medical insurance for the duration of the trip (insurance coverage must be over 30.000 € ; and has to show an assistance office in Schengen Member States on the insurance letter).

5. salary slips or bank statements for the last 3 months or Invitation letter form the hospital.

6. confirmed hotel reservation (if applicable)

7. flight reservation

8. confirmation by the doctor/ hospital abroad that all costs which may arise are covered.

9. appointment confirmation by the doctor/ hospital abroad

Please note that these are the general requirements. Other/more requirements may arise based on your nationality, age and the country you are residing in. The procedure of getting a visa can be summarised as follows:

1. fill in the visa application and schedule an appointment

2. prepare your documents

3. visit the visa centre and follow their instructions.

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