Recovery & Sightseeing

Recovery & Sightseeing

Rehabilitation & Sightseeing 

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Rehabilitation and recovery is a crucial stage at any medical treatment journey. It aims to help your body restore its normal functions. It is usually done after strokes, surgeries, injuries or trauma. The rehabilitation plan consists usually of two main components; physical and psychological.  Tourist Guideline is proud to present some health and rehabilitation centres in Europe which are specialised for recovery of certain surgeries/functions.

Examples of these are:

  • Uniklinikum in Heidelberg, Germany
  • Assistance Publique in Paris, France
  • Universitätsklinikum in Hamburg Eppendorf, Germany
  • Uniklinikum Charité in Berlin, Germany
  • Uniklinikum der Ludwig-Maximilians in München, Germany
  • Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona, Spain

Why choose Europen rehabilitation Centers?  

  • They are well-equipped with the newest techniques; simulations, the Indego device, and the robotic suit.
  • The rehabilitation centres/rehabilitation clinic in Germany are designed to be relaxing and surrounded by greenery, which helps promote the psychological state.
  • Only internationally qualified therapists work at these centres. This include occupational, physical and speech therapists.
  • Their treatment methods are various; physical exercises, mental exercises, special equipment, nutrition

Who benefits from rehabilitation? 

Anyone who faces difficulties performing daily tasks, such as:

  • after-surgery patients: strokes, orthopedics
  • after-trauma patients & depression
  • people with special physical or mental needs: Parkinson’s, Down syndrome,
  • special disorders: anxiety, eating
  • and people with addiction problems: drugs, food, gambling

Please note that each centre has a different specialisation. For instance, some are specialised in cardiological and orthopedic rehabilitation and others are majored in neurological rehabilitation, or addiction. Therefore, we, at the Tourist Guideline, help you find the most suitable centre that fits your needs.